Laser Tag

Laser tag is a game played either with teams or individual players that are using "laser" guns to try to hit infrared sensitive targets that are located either on the other players or in various places around the playing area. This game is typically played indoors, and often in the dark. Players must seek out the targets for the other team or the other opponents and direct their infrared laser beam "fire" appropriately to score points for themselves or for their team.

Laser tag can be played in many different formats, ranging from combat types of games, to stealth games, elimination, role play and other scenarios. Laser tag is often compared to paintball, and while there are many similarities in the games (particularly in the different styles of play that are available), laser tag is completely painless. Paintball fire can be painful, especially in certain vulnerable parts of the body, such as the head, chest or buttocks. Laser beams cause no pain to players. Computers often control the game and indicate when a player has been "tagged," as well as keep track of the score by detecting which player’s or which team’s laser the shot came from.

Some outdoor laser tag facilities are available, though the game is considered to be best enjoyed indoors in close quarters. Commercial laser tag organizations tend to strictly enforce the "no roughhousing" types of rules, making it safer for some younger players who may not be quite ready for the physical aspects of paintball.